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2004-06-03 18:52:39
The Cheers magazine is always looking for new people to join our extremely international team of writers. Right now we are looking for more people who would be interested in writing about IT-related topics. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us by writing to, subject line should say "IT journalist". In your first email please tell us a bit about yourself, your previous experience (either as a writer on IT topics or as a IT specialist) and  estimation on your availability.

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Computers And Monkeys

The IQ level of a computer is less then the IQ level of a monkey but still some of the geniuses think that one day computers will over take the human in every field of life

Linux or Windows

Businesses must invest in a centrally controlled, advanced operating system, rather than going for those free cast-offs, whose behaviour is not determinable.

The Dot Com Mania

There was a time when computer buffs and professionals were a rarity. A handful IT professionals were working in their cool corporate offices and were as inaccessible as the Gods. That was the time when I first learned what a web page was all about and how it can work for you 365/24. I am sure if I had gone to a corporation with such an advertisement proposal 15 years ago they would have personally laughed me out of the building. Perhaps out of the city.

Minimize Windows 9x/ME Crashes

Windows 98 seems to be dwindling in use, but my experience tells me that in the countries where it costs too much to avail ones self of the latest software, people are reluctant to purchase new technology and are very much reliant on continuous updates being made to the existing software, if it's available for free. This results in making people bear the tension of coping with existing software if they are prone to crashes naturally. So how can you make your already difficult life easier by having fewer crashes per minute? This article will give you some suggestions.

Computing Q&A

"The Cheers is pleased to announce the new Computing Q&A section. In this section the readers can ask their computing related problems which may vary from Technical PC Issues to Programming Languages. Your questions will be answered on a weekly basis. We do not claim to answer all the questions but we will try our best to find the answer to your problem and let you know the proper solution."

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