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Computers And Monkeys

 article about computer IQ
2004-05-24 10:46:39
The level of a computer IQ  is less then the IQ level of a
monkey but still some of the geniuses think that one day computers will
overtake human in every field of life.

Many of you will be
amazed knowing that the IQ level of a computer is less then the IQ
level of a monkey. You can attach as much memory as you want with this
nonsense but the IQ level will remain zero. But still some of the
geniuses think that one day computers will over take the human in every
field of life. Sounds stupid huh!! But this is a fact. To cater this
problem and make this idiot a bit intelligent, scientists started
working in the beginning of 20th century and the result was a new field
in the IT world named as Artificial Intelligence (AI). When I heard
about AI for the first time, I didnt understand what it was about. I
thought there would be some peripheral device which would allow the PC
to share the human mind like scenes in the cartoon show Jhony Quest. (I
was watching a lot of cartoons in those days).

Test computer IQ

But the reality is completely different from my imagination. Actually,
the scientists were trying to increase the IQ of the machine through
the software and embedded programming. This was a serious issue. To
cater this problem an English mathematician named Alan Turing who
pioneered the field of Artificial Intelligence proposed a test named as
Turing Test between 1940s and 1950s. According to this kind of test, a
computer is deemed to have artificial intelligence if it can mimic
human responses under specific conditions.

In Turing's test,
if the human being conducting the test is unable to consistently
determine whether an answer has been given by a computer or by another
human being, then the computer is considered to have "passed" the test.
In the basic Turing test, there are three terminals. Humans operate two
of the terminals, and a computer operates the third terminal. Each
terminal is physically separated from the other two. One human is
designated as the questioner. The other human and the computer are
designated the respondents. The questioner interrogates both the human
respondent and the computer according to a specified format, within a
certain subject area and context, and for a preset length of time (such
as 10 minutes). After the specified time, the questioner tries to
decide which terminal the human respondent operates, and which terminal
does the computer operate. The test is repeated many times. If the
questioner makes the correct determination in half of the test runs or
less, the computer is considered to have artificial intelligence,
because the questioner regards it as "just as human" as the human
respondent. Turing tests have been criticized, in particular because
the nature of the questioning must be limited in order for a computer
to exhibit human-like intelligence.

For example, a computer
might score high when the questioner formulates the queries so they
have "Yes" or "No" answers and pertain to a narrow field of knowledge,
such as mathematical number theory. If response to questions of a
broad-based, conversational nature, however, a computer would not be
expected to perform like a human being. This is especially true if the
subject is emotionally charged or socially sensitive. In some
specialized instances, a computer may perform so much better and faster
than a human that the questioner can easily tell which is which.
Google, Yahoo, and AltaVista are examples of computer applications that
outperform a human in a Turing test based on information searches. I
thought for hours but I didnt find any conclusion for this article. The
drama hasnt ended yet.

Our computers are still in the race.

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