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A Preview Of The Spanish Grand Prix 2018

 article about A Preview Of The Spanish Grand Prix 2018
2017-10-21 03:38:11
The 2017 Spanish grand prix Formula 1 race is gone, and we are looking forward to the 2018 tour. The Spanish Gp is one of the most significant races in the tour. The first race happened here in September 1991, two weeks after it was inaugurated. In the modern era, the race has focused mostly around the Catalunya circuit, close to the city of Barcelona. Many drivers see this as the circuit with the best design. Because of the love most divers have for this circuit, it has hosted the Spanish grand prix since then.
 article about A Preview Of The Spanish Grand Prix 2018

The track is one of the most advanced circuit types, and it has 5 left hand corners and 8 right hand corners. Other significant features of the beautiful Barcelona circuit used for the Spanish grand prix include 2 long straights that are very exhaustive and 3 huge and fast curves. The heavy braking areas are two in number and here, the cars move from 6th to the 3rd gear.

Other significant things about the Catalunya circuit includes the fact that majority of the teams prefer it for their winter testing. Because of this, some of the teams that do not have the chance to do this complain that teams are becoming too used to it.

While this has been the case, another issue is that the amazing race also produces varying winds that get to all the tracks. This makes it a very unpredictable race whenever it is time to man the gears. There are some other reasons why people enjoy the race here. The first one is that the city is one of the centers for culture in Europe. So, you are bound to have huge tourist presence whenever this race is happening. On the other hand, the number of crowds that normally grace it makes it look like a grand something. This gives color and taste to the race.

Inaugurated two weeks before its first Formula 1 Grand Prix in September 1991, the Catalunya circuit near Barcelona has proved to be one of the best-designed circuits of the recent era. It is well-liked by most drivers and so has retained the privilege of hosting the Spanish Grand Prix ever since.

Calendar of the 2018 Formula 1 Tour

According to the Spanish GP news, the tour will start on the 24th of March 2018 with the Australian Grand Prix that will happen at the Albert Park. This will be followed by the Chinese Grand Prix that will take place at the Shanghai International Circuit from April 6 to 8, 2017. This will be followed by the Bahrain Grand Prix, then the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and then the Spanish Grand Prix. Other races in the tour will come after this, till the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina on November 23 - 25 which will conclude the 2018 Formula 1 Tour.

At the Spanish Grand Prix, the practice will take place on the 11 of May being Friday. This will be followed by the qualifying rounds on Saturday 12th May. The major race will happen on Sunday the 13th of May.
 article about A Preview Of The Spanish Grand Prix 2018

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