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Premier League: the summer market

 article about Premier League: the summer market
2017-07-18 04:23:53
If you are a fan of some Premier League teams, the news about the summer market are always welcome. So, what are the latest movements on the English market?
The Premier League market is very active in the last period and this is because the teams, especially the most important ones, are thinking about the next championship. There are so many sales and purchases of players, moving from one team to another. Many have been real business, who have already won the hearts of fans.

Let's look the situation closely! Up to this point, these are the major transfers in the Premier League market.

The team of Manchester City bought Bernardo Silva from Monaco, the West Ham bought Zabaleta, a defender from Manchester City. Sunderland bought Aiden McGeady from Everton, the Watford bought Nathaniel Chalobah from Chelsea, the team of Brighton bought from FC Ingolstadt Markus Suttner. Other tranfers are: Ruben Loftus Cheek from Chelsea to Crystal Palace, Romelu Lukaku from Everton to Manchester United, Wayne Rooney from Manchester United to Everton and so on.

In the next days, many other businesses are ready to be closed. The reopening of the championship is very near: it begins on August 12, with a first day that is rumored to be crackling. We know that Premier League is one of the best championship all around the world. There are so many international champions and this is a very important League. Of course, there are also many players from English teams moving to play in other European, especially French, Italian and Spanish teams.

The Premier League is the major English professional league for football clubs. There are 20 clubs in this league. Regular seasons run from August to May. There are 38 matches to play for every team for a total of 380 matches during the season. Every team play twice with other teams: home and away!

Betting on Premier League

As with any sport, even on the Premier League you can make bets. This is because there are a lot of bookmakers who are interested in English football teams. The Premier League is an important market and every team has so many supporters. You can bet on this championship in a very easy way: choose the bookmaker who assures the best odd for the event that you want and visit the site or the app. How to download betting apps? It is very simple! You have to go in your app store (there is one for Android and one for iOS), search the app of the bookmaker and press start to download. After this first step, you have to login with your account (or you have to open a game account) and bet on the event, or match!

As you can see, it is simple and you can bet everywhere you want and when you want, using your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and so on). Every bookmaker has a betting app and so you have to choose your favourite one. Remember to choose an app legal, safe and licensed, because it is very important when you play and bet with money.

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