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In this article Jay discusses Weird sports to bet on.

Weird sports to bet on

 article about Weird sports to bet on
2017-02-10 09:07:08
Sports betting has been around for ages in one form or another. It's no surprise that these days you can bet on NHL, NBA, horse racing or pretty much anything else. And it's not just the wins and losses you can be bet on but pretty much anything you can imagine. Be it someone scoring their own goal or getting a red card in football. The possibilities are endless. The recent biggest sports betting news was less than a year ago when Lecester City football fans who had bet on the team, which never had won, won up to 5000 to 1. So for one buck they put in, the got 5000 in return. That was a truly surprising win.

But besides the super odds, there are also some weird sports where you might have never thought online betting could be possible.


While poker is a betting game all by itself, with the game becoming more popular and the rise of live poker becoming a spectator sport, you can now also bet on the betters, if I may say so.

Sumo Wrestling

Have you ever thought about betting on the outcome of Sumo Wrestling? Yes, it's possible. The Japanese martial art has been around since the ancient times, and it's possible to bet on your favorite wrestler.


Even though when most of us think of surfing, we think of beautiful sandy beaches, big waves, and for some of us, maybe even Keanu Reeves because of his movie Point Break, but there's a pro surfers world out there which you can also bet on.


Do you even know what it is? Well, it's got something to do with horses, but it's not really horse racing. It's horse riding. Yes, horse riding. And the competitors are judged based on how well a rider can gallop around on his horse.

WWE or Professional Wrestling

Most people think that WWE isn't a real sport and the outcomes have been decided already beforehand. But, you can actually bet on it. And if you can bet on it, it means that nobody can actually know the outcome beforehand. You can't bet on all WWE event, but you can do it in case of certain ones.

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