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Ladbrokes Brilliant Bingo Pumpkins

 article about Ladbrokes Pumpkin Press Release
2015-10-31 07:07:26

With Halloween fast approaching a leading UK bingo company has commissioned a leading artist to carve a selection of bingo inspired pumpkins along with easy-to-use Halloween themed stencils.

With major companies like Starbucks moving in on pumpkin mania with drinks like their spiced latte and the growing popularity of vampire and horror related TV shows like Vampire Diaries and American Horror Story, UK adults and families are taking more and more of an interest in Halloween. How will you celebrate this year?

Pumpkin carving is the most simple to do and the easiest to get your hands on. According to Mintel, retail sales of Halloween products in the UK are expected to reach 240m this year, a 4pc growth from last year's 230m. Whether you're demonstrating your own artist flare or nurturing your children's, pumpkins are one of the easiest ways to partake in the Halloween spirit.

Those wishing to see pumpkins carved by experts Sand in Your Eye and download the easy-to-use stencils can do so at:

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Ladbrokes Brilliant Bingo Pumpkins

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Ladbrokes Brilliant Bingo Pumpkins

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