Email spammer sentenced to 9 years in prison    2005-04-09 12:51:46    

A man who was convicted of using false internet addresses to send bulk email through AOL's server, was suggested 9 years imprisonment by the jury.

However, there are lots of question marks in this case. And the judge had to suspend the sentence.

Firstly, the ruling was based on Virginia's law where it's forbidden to send unsolicited bulk email. Secondly, the law in Virgina came into life just two weeks before the sentence. And thirdly, the man was charged as a out-of-state resident. The judge Judge Thomas Horne feels that this law is still new and might raise constitutional questions.

One way or another - spam is bad, but NINE long year in prison because of sending bulk mail? Isn't that just a bit too much? Let us know what YOU think.

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