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Hip Hop for Grown Folks!

 article about Hip Hop for Grown Folks!
2005-06-02 15:57:06
Remember Hip-Hop? Remember the music before the bling, before the back-up dancers, before the music got lost in the image. Remember the Hip-Hop that was an instrument of social change? Remember the music that stood at the foundation of expression before playa's and ho's took over? Remember the artists that had the world moving to beats that spoke of social prejudice and injustice. Remember that Hip-Hop? If you don't remember music like the one I just described, let me introduce you to Mathias the Forgotten Disciple.

Mathias the Forgotten Disciple of Philly tells it like it was and is by interweaving reality, smooth stylistic flow with beats that bob ya head. In his latest CD Da Barbershop, Mathias creation takes social awareness to another level. His method requires no bling, no already-done hooks, nor a huge entourage. His music leaves out complicated lyrics, the back-up singers, and foul language.

Finally - hip-hop for grown folks.

What I found most respectful about this artist is the fact that he is the seriousness of his lyrics. No social problem is taboo to this artist. Mathias has, in my opinion, the power to make anyone listen to what he has to say simply through the use of intelligent lyrics and beats of musical wisdom. In a world of gansta rap, east coast vs west coast Matthias the Forgotten Disciple creates music that promotes a unity that can be weaved through the fabric of society on all social levels.

Another thing that earns respect for Mathias and his music is that it is the kind of music that you can thump to without offending "people who don't understand." Mathias's message is clear - respect, respect for yourself and everyone around you is the key to inner wellness. Mathias the Forgotten Disciple hails from Philly and is represented by On Da Ave. productions ( Not only is he a huge talent as a rapper but he is also blessed with the gifts of producer and lyricists. When listening to his music it is not very hard to see much love from the public in his future.

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