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LISTEN TO THIS! Waltz for Venus

 article about LISTEN TO THIS! Waltz for Venus
2005-04-10 18:28:27
There are very few bands that interest me from the very first guitar riff. Waltz for Venus was/is just one of those bands. As soon as I put their cd in, crunchy guitars paired with unbelievable harmonies caught my attention. The band's latest cd is titled devastation. celebration. In the pop culturesque world of dance troupes, stolen hooks, and big productions this band stands out giving music fans a sound that is like no other. To pin a specific genre on this band would be hard to do even for the most devout music worshiper. To put this band in ONLY one music category would be equal to selling short the members of Waltz for Venus and their sound. Jay and the boys move from rock--to pop grooves--to alternative with the ease of a band that is connected in ways ( as a basist friend of mine put it once) " non musicians will never be able to understand."

Waltz for Venus combines an eclectic sound with lyrics that everybody can relate to. Jay Brookes incredible voice soars with emotion in each ballad. While in the more energetic tunes of devestation. celebration Brookes soars velvety angst to a sexy new high. What I found most impressive about Waltz for Venus is the basicness of their music. This four man ensemble keeps things very simple without going over the top. Throughout the cd listeners are treated to acoustic guitars and perfected harmonies that vocalize genuine existence, love, and heartbreak.

Waltz for Venus is has received numerous awards on Some of these awards include Best Male vocals ( both all genre and pop rock) , Best Feel Good tract, and Most Rocking Tract, among other awards. In one phrase—THIS BAND ROCKS YA'LL!

I highly recommend that everyone of you out there that is bored with the cookie-cutter-so-ol'-sounds-like-that-other-band sort of music check Waltz for Venus out at their website They can also be heard and seen on and The only thing that is disappointing about this band is that they are not receiving international airplay. However, I predict that Waltz for Venus is on their way to a serious success explosion. Check out the band then show some love by bugging your local dj's to play their cd. I know I will.

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