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2004-10-30 11:53:41

Please send in your Relationship questions to All questions will be answered and featured in the "Love's Muse" segment.


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Love's Muse

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Love's Muse

Dear Craig,I cant seem to find someone who I feel is right for me.  I get asked a lot of questions, as to why Im single and I dont even know what to say.  I flirt and would like to be with s...

"Love's Muse"

Dear Craig,I think that I am in love with someone that I met on the Internet.  He lives in another state and I think about him all the time.  I am so overwhelmed that I want to blurt it out....

"Love's Muse"

My boss and i used to date, we ended things on what i thought was a cordial note but... have continued "fooling" around ever since. I am tired of it now, and I want it to stop. What do you think? Can I pull this one off without changing jobs?

Sexual Opinions and Values

Too many couples fail to address important sexual issues that may be troubling them before deciding to get married. Don't include your future marriage in the failure statistics.

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