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2004-10-01 16:24:16

Dear Craig,

I think that I am in love with someone that I met on the Internet.  He lives in another state and I think about him all the time.  I am so overwhelmed that I want to blurt it out..."I Love You"...Please Help!


Dear ANP:

I think internally we psych ourselves out to think that there are no good men left in our own city/state and that all of the good men must be located in other states.  ANP, remember that many factors must be accounted in why things appear to be going so good with this guy in another location.  For one, you are still in that initial honeymoon period, and the fact that you haven't been able to spend physical time with this person is extending that honeymoon period.  The person we get to know over the phone quite often turns into Mr. Hyde when we spend time with them in person.  Try to get to know this individual as much as possible over the phone and use your judge of character to determine if you think this person would be someone that you would enjoy spending time with.  Now only you know in your heart when you love someone and if this is the case I always suggest going with your heart.  Just remember there are a  lot of uncertainties when you are dealing with Internet romance, and just be careful when listening to your heart.

     'Internet Love' is the new and hottest thing going on in our culture today. One trend that I have noticed is that people seem to find that 'perfect' person in another state.  I have heard stories of people uprooting their lives to move across country to be with someone they have met over the Internet.  I have heard both success stories and horror stories with this type of situation.  With the Internet we are able to meet individuals from 2 miles to over 2000 miles from us, so our selection of individuals has increased but the chances are also very high that we might meet someone very far from us.  One might look at this and think "why are all the good people located in another state?" 

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"Love's Muse"

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Love's Muse

Welcome to Loves Muse an advice column on Love, Sex, Relationships and everything else in the middle. This advice column will serve as an outlet for the readers to ask questions that they just cant quite make sense of. I only have one stipulation, if you write to Loves Muse, be prepared to hear honesty from me, I dont try to sugar coat explanations, I will give you the hard cold truth. Please enjoy the column, I look forward to hearing from you. Write you questions to, Craig

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