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What Does It Mean to Have a White Man President Again?

 article about Donald Trump is Obsessed with Barrack Obama
America has its white man back in his White House again. So far what has this done for our children? Do they understand right from wrong and good and bad?

When you have a man who can have anything he wants in the world, you have a person who gets it no matter how illogical it is. I just cannot believe America fail for the oldest trick in the book. America allowed itself to be played like a fine-tuned violin. But, now I think about it I see why. Donald Trump is the true core of America and when the pimple burst, all hell broke loose. What am I talking about?

I am talking about something that has been going on in America forever. The need and evil of supremacy over people unlike you has controlled this country in the most hideous ways. Thanks to Trump the aftermath of attempting to blatantly claim ground is destroying the freedom we barely had. The sad part about it is the reason behind Donald Trump really wanting to be the president of the United States. He had to be because of his obsession with Barrack Obama.

He like so many white supremacy mentalities could not believe a black man was sitting in their White House, that retard the mind in dangerous and deadly ways causing hatred and injustice to invest the land. More and more innocent people are dying because their spirit is loosed on the earth. Trump's obsession with Obama led him to believe if a black man can be the president for darn sure I can do the job. He even let it be known he didn't know how hard of a job being president would be.

I know in the back of his mind, he knows he cannot get over Barrack Obama being able to do this job especially knowing the great adversities he faced and wilful efforts made to make him a failure. He thinks about Obama every single day because he has no logical explanation to how this black man remained respectable and at peace with himself knowing the hatred and racism he daily faced.

Trump is also a scapegoat, a ticket for other racist supremacist to get in position to destroy people unlike them. They are literally piggyback riding his coat setting up their means of oppressing innocent people and destroying anything allowing them to prosper. America is in a state of a nightmare. The atmosphere is filled with so much hatred, greed, narcissism, murderous desires, etc., we cannot survive like this nor can nature. I am convinced humanity's need to destroy another's soul is killing nature. The weather seems to be responding to our evil.

No one will win at this horrific game. People do not want to admit evil is real but what do you call the vibrations in the atmosphere today propelling people to disrespect, oppress, attack and kill another human being? I can't imagine what it feels like to become president and also become a source of pure hatred. To think, all because a black man became president of the United States, we give up peace and hope for a better America.

We have a white man back in the White House. What does this mean for innocent people? I pray for our children for they are more and more confused of what is good. God bless America may now mean end it for wickedness is prevailing.

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