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Today, God has awakened her to a new and extremely important message to share with the world. We must become more conscious of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; she is presenting her newest work: Soldier with a Backpack, Living and Dying Simultaneously edited by Shari Love. This work reveals the reality of the impact this disorder have on our veterans and civilian people’s lives. It takes you deep within the soul of the inner dynamics of this disorder. Stress and Trauma is guiding us farther away from love. Truth and understanding will guide us to self-love and love for our fellowman.

Goodbye Trump

2016-02-19 13:03:41
As I observe the race to the White House, I am appalled to how our candidates are presenting themselves. I can imagine how the world is seeing us today as it is witnessing our choices of a leader for the United States of America. I am sure they are shaking their heads and doing their dance because we are no threat to their intelligence. America is beginning to look retarded and weak. There is not one candidate making us feel things will improve if he or she was elected. All we are witnessing is empty promises with no certain means of bringing it to past. The closer it gets to one nominee for each party the more the candidates attempt to convince us they care about us and our well-being. I am sure like me; most people are irritated by the vicious game of their egos. Just looking at our past trusting the presidents of the United States we know how powerless they are. They can't get anything done that could mostly make this a better America because of who has the real power, Congress and the Senate.

While the candidates reveal each other's dark secrets and intentions, Congress and Senate are laughing because they know it does not matter who wins, America will still be stuck in the rigid and unjust decisions of their power to control of our destiny. In the meantime, we have to allow ourselves to be manipulated to vote for someone who has proven to dominate the arena. Right before our eyes, we are witnessing the real fact politicians must control our minds if they are going to win. At this moment, we are fixated on two men empowered to control the human mind, the Pope Francis and Donald Trump. Seriously, has this political game gotten so out of control they had to bring in the Pope to counteract Trump's game over the human mind?

Once Pope Francis said Trump was not a real Christian, the ball began to roll with the media as it was anxious to get a response from Trump. Donald Trump made a comeback but I still found it strange he couldn't respond in his usual way of sounding off spontaneously, instead he read his rebuttal off a piece of paper in front of him. Why? Immediately, Trump defended himself by attempting to strike down the Pope's stance in life. To me this was a very dark moment in the campaign. Here we now have two men judging one another not to correct our thinking but to control it. Oh let's not forget there is another man to add to the collection; President Barrack Obama, he too had his say in attempting to control our minds to steer us away from Trump. He simply told America, I know Donald Trump will not be president of our country because he trusts us to do the right thing. It was as though he was pretty much saying, I know you are not stupid enough to make this man president no way. You are too smart for that. This game being played on America has weakened us as a nation and will continue until the great takeover of a foreign dictatorship that knows our weakness is greed, injustice and minimal concern for the American people.
For sure, the Pope shall not fall but Donald Trump will simply because he has attacked a spiritually charged man who will send the demons after him. Trump is done.

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