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Was Fiorina Couldn't Control the Men

 article about GOP Debaters Revealed Our Weaknesses
Trump along with some of the other debaters ended on a good note feeling like they had a lot of fun and that things went well for them. Fun? Was it supposed to be fun?

I decided I would take another chance and watch the GOP debates. Thanks to ISIS they had a direction. The first part of the debate was mainly about homeland security. They road the cart of fear to keep our interest to how they were going to protect us from the homeland invasions. They went on and on so much about it that after a while it appeared they were praising ISIS for being so smart and powerful. When they went so far as to discuss how outdated our war weapons were I wondered did they realize what they were telling the world. There was no reason to make the world conscious of our weaknesses.

I feel Ben Carson made the most powerful and truthful statement when he said we need to go to Congress and get them to come up with solutions to beat ISIS. Basically, he made it apparent where the real blame and problems are it is not the presidents in office destroying America, it is Congress. After saying this, he kind of faded into the background. But no one was so faded into the background as Carly Fiorina. The men pretty much overlooked her the entire night. Not only did the debaters ignore her but the moderators did too. When she was talking, you could tell they couldn't wait for her to shut up. In fact, they began talking over her and moved on to the men.

The thing that got me with Fiorina is the fact her main message was she could and will beat Hillary. Really? She couldn't even find a way to get her voice heard as the only woman on the platform. If she would look at the Democratic debate, she would have seen Hillary ran the show. There is no way Fiorina can beat Hillary if she can't control the tongues of men. Then there was Jed Bush.

Jed Bush reminded me of a kid who ran home from school crying because he was bullied. When he got home, his father whipped his butt and sent him back to school to face his bully. Though he quote unquote stood up to Trump, he still appeared as though at any moment he was going to start crying out of fear of losing. I was not impressed with the bickering he seemed to roll around to every chance he got towards Donald Trump. Trump thought it was hilarious because he saw and felt his fears and desperation.

Trump along with some of the other debaters ended on a good note feeling like they had a lot of fun and that things went well for them. Fun? Was it supposed to be fun? The remaining debaters spoke their take on issues addressed with less of a need to attack Donald Trump instead, they let Jed do it knowing Jed was no threat to them. I can honestly say this debate seemed to actually have potential leaders who could actually run this country. But, I still say America is in trouble if this is all we have.

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