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America Do Not Know How to Vote Anymore

 article about Hillary Clinton
2015-11-03 03:52:00
When you look at each one of them, they appear to be missing something in their lives. Is it love and a need for attention? Or is it a need to satisfy the ego? For sure it is not to tend to the needs of the people of this country. It seems the election of President Barrack Obama has put people in a state of the Tower of Babel. They are lost to what it means to have a leader and what makes a person a great leader. A leader is someone who is focused, strong, purposeful, honest, role model, balanced, emphatic and compassionate. This person has a solid reason for wanting to lead.

People tend to feel confused about the role of the President now because finally they have witnessed the dark side of the role a president has to exist in. They saw how non void his word is against the majority. For some reason people didn't see it in the depth they saw it while President Obama was in office. There was a huge disrespect and hate towards our leader. He proved to be a mere man. This has frightened people to the point they do not know how to choose a great leader, we simply do not know what one is for sure if he do not have an evil eye and a spirit of dictatorship, then he is weak and unable to lead.

It has been said President Obama had no fight in him that he was too soft and didn't take a stand. Yet, they know the Senate and Congress kicked much of his efforts to the curb time and time again. Now, we have candidates wanting to prove they are far more superior to him knowing well this is not the right reason to want to lead this country. They should want to lead it because they believe their plans can create a better stance for the United States of America in contrast to our enemies and foes.

What recently irritated me today is an image of Hillary Clinton portrayed with a gun pointing at anyone viewing the picture. An author, Doug Henwood, chose this image for his upcoming book he is writing about Hillary. Why would he want such a hideous image of her especially holding a gun knowing guns in the hands of people are literally killing America? Is this this what we want to see leading our country? Is it a woman with backbone and an attitude of control and power?

Round and round we go, where we will stop nobody knows. This election is scary. If Hillary Clinton do not project being tough and heartless, chances are she may not get elected. And, if she doesn't, it too can cost her the election. America what do you want from her, she is a woman.

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