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Democrats Were Preachers

 article about #HillaryClinton
When I first glanced at the democratic presidential candidates last night, the first thing I noticed, Hillary Clinton has been placed in the middle giving her power to be mommy dearest . That setup allowed her to set the temple to how the debate was going to be handle. First of all, we will not be fighting among ourselves, mommy won't have that. And, in her own way she pretty much let them know we must band together if we want our party to win. Barry understood as he defended her by asking people to let the e-mail issue go.

The next thing I noticed the candidates seemed to be angelical as they supported each other and gently disagreed as though they were standing in a pulpit instead of a debate podium. For sure they had studied the GOPS' conduct and was not going to bring the hostility to the American people again yet you know it was there controlled by the determination to win. For me, the candidates were too careful as though God would punish them if they show any signs of aggression. The oldest candidate appeared to be the most real, Barry Sanders slipped in the most with signs of dominance over disagreements while Hillary Clinton seemed to be a Mother Theresa determined to not get undone yet be a domineer.

What did the American people walk away with last night? I certainly did not see any signs of leadership. Instead the puppet strings that tend to trail politicians was still visible. They simply did not want to lose any voters. Sanders came the closest of showing signs of being human and aware of the political game costing America to be shrewd and dividing. He was able to strike out against inequality among the races and the expose the underlying rulers of the American dollar and how they dictate who will be president.

No one looked good discussing the gun laws and issues. There was not anything to hold on to that would make you want either them as president of the United States. They tried too hard to control themselves. Though they did not criticize President Obama, you tell they wanted to but they had made a pack to protect the image of the Democratic party. It was such a priority to win that they had nothing certain to give us. You heard the words what I will do, but it didn't sound strengthening because when the GOP's used those words they said it with aggression making their words memorable. Hearing it from the Democrats sounded kind of weak because we are a society conditioned to hostility to be a sound of power and action.

At any moment I thought I was going to hear someone say open your Bibles, we are all one on the war against Republicans. Be kind, gentle and loving towards one another for when this over, we win. Hey, this does not work in America why do you think Trump is the head political leader? Dah!

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