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 article about Republican debates
2015-09-21 01:11:26

Several days have gone by since I observed the Republican Debate and I am still shaking my head because America is in deep trouble. We are too divided to survive.

I was so sure Donald Trump had plummet after this last debate. After walking right into a human ambush of his own American brethren, he was seen just like everybody else, very human. The Savior light was out. Well at least this is what I thought until feedback revealed he is still hope for many Americans.

It is so sad to watch these debaters claw their way hopefully into the White House. Each one of them reminded me of people who were in denial of what they were seeking to achieve. They wanted to be the President of the United States of America as if it would mean they could save America from the Senate and Congress. Have they not seen how aged and battered a president appears when they finally leave the White House? Haven't they witnessed how each one is eventually identified as liars just because so many of their efforts is shot down by the Senate and Congress?

These eager to win debaters need to be honest with themselves. They are seeking to be a famous puppet for the White House. Their agenda is irrelevant once they occupy the role of president. All the negative attacks that are going on among them are an embarrassment to roles of leadership. Have our mentality stooped so low that it takes this type of communication to win such a high prestigious job in the world? Don't they realize their priorities to beat each other down is positioning this country to be destroyed by outsiders. We are not the only people watching the American way of doing things.

There are just too many ways the American people are divided against themselves. Racism, religious, political and sexual preferences, financial status etc. How can voting have any quality when the campaigning is founded on drama, greed and power? There is not anything about campaigning that is respectable or hold reverence. The media is always infested with negativity on a regular basis but when it comes time for us to elect the President of the United States, the infestation is doubled only because the whole dynamic is a smokescreen of the truth which is: Our country does not need a president, it needs a new Congress and a more qualified Senate that cares about human justice and equality.

Good thing they are not Pinocchio.

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