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Indecision: Barack Obama On Syria

 article about obama comments on syria
2013-10-20 04:18:08
The big question on the lips of every news anchor and columnist is about the notable appearance of indecision on the part of US President Barack Obama. Is the President actually indecisive or is this just more political posturing by one of the most power men in the world? Some even contend that the indecision may just be working to the benefit of America and the cessation of chemical weapon use by Syria. Critics and supporters of the President alike have voiced the perception that President Obama lacks any kind of commitment to a stance or position. At his lowest level of popularity since he became President nearly five years ago, Obama seems unfettered and serious about what he says.

Russian and Syrian leaders have expressed doubt about the President's commitment and feel that they can do what they want and Obama won't follow through. However, a political science professor in Buffalo, New York, thinks that by appearing indecisive Obama has made both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad nervous and unsure. Professor Phil Arena also says what may be interpreted as indecision may really be Obama's way of not changing the original US plan of air strikes against Syria for chemical weapon use. With an information gap from the US, both Syria and Russia may just be backing off for lack of clarity from Obama.

Another way of seeing it, is that the indecision might be an on-purpose plan to bring about the proper climate for negotiations between America and Syria. If Putin and Assad see President Obama as not being sure of himself, then maybe they think he can be out-argued. This means that the US could be susceptible to making a deal that would actually be favorable to Syria, as well as Russia. Many think that this is actually a ploy to bring Syria willingly to the negotiations table. If that is the case, then Obama's "theater of indecision" would play out to the advantage of America and get Syria to give up chemical weapons in return for no air strikes from the US.

Perhaps the President and his advisers are playing a long shot by trying to confuse Syria and her allies. When what the President might be doing is taking a very soft stance and not doling out the usual heavy-handed demands that America and her allies are used to hearing. While this is upsetting many of the staunch and stern American supporters who want to hear Obama cracking the whip with our enemies, the vague and indecisive words of the President may just be the right way to go. Historically these types of situations seem to drag on for years, if not decades. So far, there have been air strikes and no reported chemical use by the Syrians, just threat. Maybe the indecision by Barak Obama on Syria may turn out to be one of the best decisions by any President on US policy in many years. But, it will be a long time until Obama gets the credit, if it's due.

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obama comments on syria

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