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 article about Ratzinger
2010-09-26 16:33:11

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It has been revealed that the Vatican is currently hiding thousands of case files in relation to sex abuse cases, pedophilia and physical abuse cases implicating hundreds of priests and other church officials working within the Catholic Church.

The files, detailed to International Law Compliance Forum members by Vatican insiders as well as having come to light through intelligence sources, specifically detail cases whereby Vatican officials have deliberately moved offenders from parish to parish as to hide their activities, have interfered with proper processes of justice in a number of countries and have interfered with victims as well as case witnesses. Details have also emerged as to Church and Vatican officials threatening victims, witnesses as well as various Government officials and even Government Ministers in various countries.

The majority of these illegal concealment activities were conducted
Details have also emerged as to Church and Vatican officials threatening victims, witnesses as well as various Government officials and even Government Ministers in various countries.
while the man who is currently the Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was in charge of dealing with abuse cases and it is now known that the Vatican officials who now do Ratzinger's job, also have a large number of files in relation to cases that have either been hidden or interfered with.

It is now also known that a substantial number of the offending priests are still walking around today with the majority still acting as priests.

While the ILCF is still investigating and adding to its data base, the abuse scandals within the Catholic Church will now have to be solved by individual countries demanding that the Vatican hands over all files in its possession without any further delays or procrastination noting that most of the abuse files have since been copied and would thus be available should the Vatican decide to interfere with proper and legal criminal processes.

There is now also a case to be answered by Ratzinger and Co in relation to human rights abuses and offences against children this in relation to the fact that Ratzinger and others did nothing to allow civil authorities in numerous countries access to information as well as deliberately hiding information. The deliberate actions by the Vatican as to conceal sex and other crimes is an international offence and no doubt the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) would be more than a little interested in these cases.

Ratzinger and Company are eligible to be charged within the various countries with the various offences of concealing a crime as well as perverting the cause of justice.
There is now also a case to be answered by Ratzinger and Co in relation to human rights abuses and offences against children

The ILCF is currently also in the process of advising various Governments as to the nature of the offences within their jurisdiction as well as with the names of the offenders as to allow such authorities to proceed with their various criminal cases against priests, former priests and others.

Any attempt by the Vatican as to hide behind provisions of so-called Canon Law will be thwarted by the fact that Canon Law does not represent a recognised legal entity and thus cannot exist within the processes of a defence.

In total, Ratzinger and others within the Vatican need to legally account for their actions through legally recognised processes.

Given the circumstances, the status of the Pope and indeed the Vatican as the representatives of the Catholic religion is now in serious doubt and the view now widely expressed that Catholic congregations should now go their own way without Vatican involvement is now more than a valid one.

Those involved, including the Pope, should also resign.

My name is Henk Luf.

And That's The Way It Is.

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