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2010-06-02 09:04:39

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Once again, Israel has shown that the country has little or no regard for international law, human rights laws and definitions and the nuclear-armed country can now, beyond reasonable doubt, be regarded as a rogue state.

Should Israel fail to comply with further UN resolutions then UN sanctions should not be ruled out.
First of all, Israel has proven time and time again that it has no intention to withdraw from occupied territory despite countless UN resolutions as well numerous representations by other countries including Europe and the US.

Israel has no regard for the internationally stipulated human rights provisions of those living in occupied and thus stolen territory. The country continues to build new settlements on stolen lands, continues to steal from Palestinians and routinely denies Palestinians their rights in relation to food and medical and other supplies into Gaza and occupied territories.

Israel has no regard for international laws and conventions in relation to the use of passports and other travel documents and it has been proven that Israel routinely copies and then uses, for illegal purposes, the passports of foreign nationals. The case of the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai is only just one such incident there being others. The passports used in that incident were produced at a Government-owned facility just outside Tel Aviv.
In the latest incident, Israel has turned ‘pirate’ in relation to intercepting an unarmed aid supply convoy travelling in international waters between Cyprus and Gaza.

Israel has been accused of using weapons in Gaza that are and have been deemed to be illegal weapons in terms of their use in populated areas. Video footage of Israeli aircraft dropping such weapons has been seen worldwide.

Israel is a nuclear weapons power. The country currently 218 nuclear weapons that are spread around various Israeli bases as well as a central nuclear weapons storage facility. Ten more warheads are currently being assembled. Israel has the means to deliver such weapons through the use of both missile as well as aircraft-based delivery systems.

In the latest incident, Israel has turned ‘pirate' in relation to intercepting an unarmed aid supply convoy travelling in international waters between Cyprus and Gaza. The act of piracy was conducted by armed Israeli Navy personnel and supported by Israeli commandos. Footage shot by agencies not on board the supply convoy vessels show Israeli forces firing at those on board the supply vessels even prior to them boarding the ships in an undisciplined and random manner proving that apart from engaging in and conducting and act of piracy, Israel can't even carry out a clean boarding excercise. The footage as well as intelligence information also shows and confirms that those on board the supply vessels were unarmed.

In all, the argument of Israel being a rogue state has now more than adequately been established and measures to reign in this out of control country and its grubby Government must now commence.

First of all, instead of waffling into space, the UN must now act in terms of a number of issues in relation to Israel. Measures in relation to Israel's breaches should relate to Israel's nuclear weapons, Israeli human rights abuses, breaches of international law and conventions as well as the latest act of piracy. Should Israel fail to comply with further UN resolutions then UN sanctions should not be ruled out. Those accused of international law breaches must be legally held accountable through international processes. Failure by the UN to act would only prove what many have been saying for years being that the UN is no longer able to serve a purpose and should thus either be fundamentally reformed or abandoned. The US might also care to review its currently cosy relationship with the Israeli Government as its connection with the current Israeli Government is damaging America's reputation worldwide.

Organisations, countries and individuals worldwide may care to put their own protests in place by introducing individual nation or collective sanctions and applying boycotts of Israeli good and services.

Clearly, the latest Israel actions have simply confirmed the view held by many that Israel is an out of control rogue state.

And like it or not.
My name is Henk Luf.

And that's the way it is.

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