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In this article Henk discusses Iran.


2009-09-22 01:59:48

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Well might Iran's Ayatollah All Khamenei, a man who should stick with his religious books instead of dabbling in politics, say that Iran has no intention to develop nuclear weapons.

The statements by this man being the case, one can only conclude that this particular individual is a liar.

In terms of nuclear weapon development, Iran only needs another 8 months before it has its first, rather crudely developed, nuclear weapon.
The evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them has been substantially known for a couple of years and there is also evidence that Iran is much closer to having developed nuclear weapons than what the world is being told.

Iran imported items and substances necessary to develop weapons in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. There were 27 major or important shipments in total in relation to acquiring items and materials, some of the weapons-grade material required coming into Iran via 'the back door'. Other materials were also imported by Iran over a number of years.

The shipping details are known as are the details of where the materials came from and via which countries they were delivered.

It is also known that some of the weapons-capable items required to make the weapons 'went missing earlier this year, with Iran's intelligence services still trying to find out where the stuff went to. Iran is currently trying to replace the 'missing items' in countries such as Russia, North Korea and Pakistan and it is known as to how these materials are getting into Iran.

So how long before Iran will be nuclear capable might one ask?

Iran is nuclear capable now in terms of being able to build a power
The testing to produce nuclear weapons is being done in 41 different locations...
station should it wish to travel along that road.

In terms of nuclear weapon development, Iran only needs another 8 months before it has its first, rather crudely developed, nuclear weapon.

The testing to produce nuclear weapons is being done in 41 different locations, some of which are located underground while others are located in populated areas. There are 6 major development sites in more remote areas.

The delivery systems are less of a problem for Iran. It has tested missiles that have the payload capacity to enable it to strike anywhere within the Middle-East.

So, with a matter of months, rather than years, Iran will have the combination of a crude nuclear weapon as well as the means to deliver them.

As I mentioned, the Ayatollah should perhaps concentrate on preaching the Koran as it should be preached and as it is written instead of making stupid statements aimed to mislead.

But then, what else is new when you have some religious fundamentalist freak trying to impose his will on a whole country.

Like it or not,

I am Henk Luf.
And That's the way it is

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