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The International Criminal Court - Selective, Unrepresentative and Without Credibility

 article about International law
2008-08-06 06:30:29

Instead of investigating all abuses of International Law, the Geneva Convention and other abuses and abusers, prosecutors and the court itself only get off their collective behinds when it suits their political masters, or when convenience or alternative political and other unrelated criteria are taken into consideration. In other words, as it stands, the ICC is a failure as it currently operates and unless it changes into a properly constituted international law judicial authority, it might as well stop wasting everyone's time and abandon its highly ineffective and selective processes.
Take some of the abusers of International Law who are highly likely never to be prosecuted and/or charged. The best known one would have to be George W Bush. This particular individual, together with his former halfwit mate, Donald Rumsfeld, dumped the U.S. into a host of processes that were not only illegal, but also highly suspect in terms of its own legal processes.
Then there is former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard. Howard ignored just about every piece of international law convention and laws that he could lay his hands on, subsequently turning his regime into one of the most oppressive and obnoxious Governments that Australia has ever seen.
Then you have Tony Blair, also known as Tony 'Me-too'. Blair closely followed Bush into a regime of human rights and other abuses.
And then to give the last of many examples, one only has to look at Robert Mugabe. Mugabe has turned Zimbabwe in a basket case through a regime of murder, abuses, breaches of international law and a host of other processes. This feeble little dictator governs through violence and abuses alone.
And do you think that any of these four halfwits and their mates will ever be brought to justice? I doubt it very much as it is not convenient to the major international game players to apply proper and legitimate international justice.
The ICC now has a choice. Either investigate, prosecute and trial all human rights abuses and abusers without fear of favour in accordance with international laws and conventions or do everyone a favour and close up shop, being regarded as an unrepresentative farce and a total waste of time. In other words, either prosecute the lot or none at all.




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