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When Technology was hacked by my Mom

 article about When Technology was hacked by my Mom
2007-08-24 13:59:41

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The other day my sister in the US sent her Photos to me, my bro and my mom in Zipped Format. My mom is still a rookie, computer-wise, and doesnt know much about complex operations, unless otherwise told to follow a Step-by-step procedure. I knew she would be unable to open the Zipped Files. However when I called her up the next day, she proudly told that she did something with the mouse which made the Photos spread over the Desktop. Wow! Lucky!!

Now my Mom is back home. I taught her how to operate the Laptop and how to connect through the dial-up connection, which I felt would be quite complex for her, given the fact that she has experience using Broadband, which is easier to connect with just the button on the modem needing to be pressed. After completing teaching her in the morning and doing my work in the afternoon, I set out to meet my friends.

While I was out she said she would be writing Emails, as she normally does, to my bro and sis. When I came back she proudly told me that she had done the connection all by herself. Then she told me the trouble she went through. I came to know that She had successfully turned on the Laptop and had then clicked on FireFox button waiting to hear the Connection Sound that we normally hear when connecting through a Dial-up. But it was nowhere to be heard. It struck to her that she hadnt unlocked the Phone. She unlocked the Phone. Then returned to the Room and clicked the FireFox Button again, but without Luck.

Then she spotted the KTNL Dialup Connection Icon and double-clicked it and then carried on to get connected. I was happy that at the end of it she was successful. Wow! Lucky Again!! I spotted that she had TWO FireFox tabs on. I hadnt taught her yet to open multiple tabs within a single browser window. I asked her as to how she had opened a new tab in the same window. She looked at me puzzled as to what I was speaking. She told that she hadnt opened any tab and had just entered the URL in the address bar. I looked at the address bar and it was empty. Then I came to know that she had mistakenly typed in the URL in the Text Field of Google Toolbar in the Browser, and since she had typed the whole URL, she was taken directly to the URL's main page. Lucky again!!! :)

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