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2007-03-04 15:19:46

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The US has been accused of conducting terrorism activities in various countries around the world; such activities designed to bypass international and U.S. domestic laws. The U.S. agency involved is the CIA, which can now be classified as a terrorist organisation in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines.


Some of the ongoing activities, all illegal, include the 'extraordinary rendition' process, the interfering with civilian air traffic and air navigation, wire and phone-tapping, internet interference, kidnap, torture, bribery, breaches of diplomatic processes, interference with diplomatic processes, interference with lawful third country processes and we can go on and on.


We shall begin by outlining the 'extraordinary rendition' process, which is just a sanitised name for illegal kidnapping and transportation of civilian as to allow and accommodate torture and other illegal detention processes. 'Extraordinary Rendition' was designed to avoid and bypass international and U.S. domestic laws and is classified as an act of terrorism. The practice became serious business after the fall of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan when hundreds of 'captured' civilians were handed over to the U.S. and then illegally transported all over the Middle East for some 'attention'. Many of these civilians eventually ended up in Guantanamo Bay, where some of them have been illegally held for years. The traffic of these people was often conducted by older Boeing 737-400's, 767's, C17's and a host of other U.S. aircraft, most of them with 'funny' call signs and most of them criss-crossing Europe, the Middle East as well as to and from Guantanamo Bay.


Countries involved in the rendition practice include Egypt, Romania, Turkey and countries knowing about the practice included the U.K., Germany and even Australia. Many of these aircraft have been encountered and sighted by normal civilian aircraft, as well as at various airport and airbases. The method of transport of 'detainees' was for them to be shackled, hooded and boxed for the duration of the flights. Sightings and encounters were not and still are not unusual, and any experienced aviation eye would have no difficulties recognising these flights.


Some of the lesser known activities by the CIA have included the torture and murder of a suspected Taliban official, who turned out not be a Taliban official but a Pakistani defence officer; the funding and training of anti-Castro people inside Cuba; the interference with diplomatic mail and communications to and from the U.N. headquarters and the various embassies in Washington as well as a host of other countries. Other instances include the capture, torture, and then elimination by CIA operatives in Afghanistan of persons suspected of being Taliban, as well as the elimination of people captured by the CIA never to be seen again. One of the more adventurous instances was one whereby a CIA officer, known to his opposites, attempted to interfere with the communication and flight processes of an Iranian A310-300.


We could go on and on for days with these known instances of this rogue terrorist organisation but the instances and processes highlight the ways the U.S. Government does business these days. International, and even U.S., laws have never been a problem for the CIA but the instances as mentioned highlight the need for the 'War on Terrorism' to begin at home.



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