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Stingy Americans

 article about Stingy Americans
2005-01-06 21:51:31
Have you ever been met with the situation where a child will ask you for something, you give him or her all that you have, and then, when you are empty, the little creep wants more?

Now envision that the American people are said parents, that the rest of the world are these less than grateful children, and that no matter what they know we have given, to them or to someone else, it is never enough.

I wanted to write something positive about the relief effort for the Tsunami victims in Southern Asia. I think it is a beautiful thing that people worldwide are coming together as a human family and giving aid to a nation of strangers whom they may never meet. All that those who donate know is that they are helping their human family get through a time of crisis that not one of us saw coming. I don't know which nations are the ones doing the whining, but it is apparent to me that they never saw the help in the bigger picture. I am sure that they are not being told that the American citizens are reaching out and helping. To depend on the American government is wrong, all the way around, and to say horrible things about it after the fact is just like a stinging slap in the face. I wonder if they are paying attention to the helicopters landing and our military guys coming to help with an effort that when it was started, the entire world stopped breathing to find out just how much - HOW MUCH? - the government of this great nation was going to contribute. It is almost as though they are trying to make it like we do not want to help, like we are more interested in blowing up innocent Iraqis.

Idiots! I wonder if they even know what 6 million dollars a day for our military personnel, for our ships and aircraft to be there to help, looks like. That's right - in addition to the actual money that we have given, we, the people, the taxpayers, are doing our share by funding an effort, through our taxes, through the lives of our military, to help. All the other nations see is that we did not give as much money to help the victims. I watch a lot of news, and the only soldiers who I see there are American ones.

Even more, this does not account for the things that I have seen, in person and alive, with my own two eyes. There are children who are setting up lemonade stands in the middle of this rainy and cold California winter, who are sending all the monies that they collect for their efforts to bigger organizations to help those whose lives were dramatically changed by this Tsunami. There are children who are selling their Christmas toys on ebay to send money. There are old ladies who are recycling the cans they have collected to feed their cats who are now sending that money to Southern Asia. There are churches collecting clothes and medical supplies.

This is stingy? These Americans that you depend on when in need are STINGY because they didn't give more government money? We, the American people, NEED that money to stay where the hell it is. We have bills and we have obligations and none of those obligations are things that say that we gotta keep up with what the rest of the world wants us to. It is heartening to know that our president, for all his faults, knows undoubtedly that he can and does depend on us, the citizens of these United States of America. He knows that when time and tragedy call, we are there. We are not Republicans and Democrats; we are not black and white; we are not Hispanic and Asian; we are not gay and straight, poor and rich, this or that....We are, in short, a nation of people who, at the very core of us all, care a great deal about our human brothers and sisters. We help because it is our duty. We help because we can. We help because God is watching us.

We help because it is our basic, human need to make sure that those people in our global family are alright, or at least as alright as time and situation will allow. God Bless America. God bless Southern Asia.

God Bless us all. Be good to each other. Help when you can. God sees all that you do.

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