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Isn't it the media's job to call the president to order?

 article about What is the responsibility of media
Trump has always been saying that the media is against him and ... you know, anything he doesn't like, is obviously fake news. But by saying that isn't he actually calling for an end of democracy and free press? The media in democratic (as well as in non-democratic as much as possible) society has always been the society's watchdog. The media, while when telling news, should be objective, in all other occasions it also has the responsibility to criticize when required. According to Trump though, if the media is against him, the media is against the United States and its people, and should be banned from the White House, and, if it was up to him, closed down all together.

The media needs to be the realm and watchdog of the society. It is EXPECTED to monitor the activities of government. That's the oldest and purest belief of journalism. Media is an independent watchdog on the activities of the state. The media is EXPECTED to reveal any abuse of state authority as well as help protect the rights of the citizens.

The media is EXPECTED to fact-check official statements (which, sadly enough, these days, come from Twitter). Its job is the pursuit of truth. And politicians, which today also includes the self-proclaimed businessman Trump, MUST understand the media's role, which is to hold public officials accountable for their actions.

It is the media's responsibility, even in the age of infotainment, to maintain transparency in government. Media has the power to reach the government and expose the real picture.

Without debate and criticism no government will succeed and nor will the country which it serves.
-- John F. Kennedy

"The greatest courage is not to tell the people what they want to hear or to give them what they want. The greatest courage is to tell them the truth and give them what they need." (source)

It's media's responsibility to research, analyze, and report, to inform citizens to help them in their decision-making, provide people with facts. The media needs to call out misleading statements, draw attention to mistakes as well as identify outright lies.

It's pretty obvious that Trump doesn't like free press, Trump doesn't want media to do its job. And that's dangerous.

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