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When news of the world doesn't make much sense any more

 article about When news of the world doesnt make much sense any more
2017-10-09 06:51:01
They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Or at least that's how it often looks to us while usually being so only in our delusional minds. However, looking at the news lately, while there definitely have been times with even weirder news cycles, what's happening these days is becoming more and more problematic by the minute.

Even if you look at Google News, you can see part of the problem. The problem? I remember ten years ago or so, G News was filled with actual news. Now most of the headlines are filled with infotainment, entertainment, and everything related. And while Google News is just the aggregator of news from different sites, it's still a choice of "news". At least half of the headlines there can't be considered news but really just infotainment, infotainment in its worst form - these days it's all about clickbaits.

And when we go on to actual news, most of the news today is about someone's Tweets. I remember times when tweets were just for sharing crap. Now it has become an official news source (and PR channel) for the White House. And when talking about White House....we'd all love to hear less from there. Every day there's a new clickbait material coming out of the mouth of ... well, Twitter.

Another day when Trump has said something totally ridiculous and there are numerous people still defending him. Yes, he does speak like a common man. But not because he's a common man, it's because he doesn't know any better. Speaking like the common man doesn't make him one of you, one of us, it shouldn't be about how the person talks, but what he's actually saying. And what he's saying is usually a disaster.

When non-facts, or in other words, lies, are called alternative facts, and claimed to be true just because there's one orange guy claiming that, we just have to admit that the world's is going to hell. But wait, no, it's not the hell you're probably thinking about. And no, it's not the end of the world certain people are preaching. As they, too, are preaching alternative facts. Made-up stuff that people like to believe. God, Hell, End of the world, 72 virgins - when people believe in those things instead actual things like climate change. And no, you can believe in your God, everyone needs to believe in something. So you might as well believe in God. But God is not science. God must not be real. God is just something for you to believe in. Some people believe in a big rock, or The Rock. It doesn't matter, it's just a belief, and as long as it's a personal thing, it's all good.

And when you say climate change is not a real thing you're only demonstrating your ignorance. I'm ignorant enough to say I don't have all the facts, I can't confirm it's 100% true, but I choose to believe scientists, people smarter than me. And even as an ignorant person, just think about it for just one moment. Think about the amount of rubbish we produce every single day. Think about all those factories needed to produce all that end-of-day rubbish. Think of the plastic island floating in the ocean, the Great Pacific garbage patch with the size of up to two continental United States. Think of all that, and do you really think that this all doesn't influence Earth even one bit? If you do believe it does have a bad effect, and if you believe that something should be done about that, then even if you don't believe in climate change, you do actually believe that green thinking is the way to go. From plastic to greenhouse emissions and so on. You're on your way to understanding the heart of the problem. Which you may or may not believe exists.

And then there are flat earthers. The amount of people who believe today that the Earth is actually flat is increasing in stupendous rate. And B.o.B is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg. If you don't believe in round Earth because you think you've been lied to your entire lives, the best thing you can do is not to join yet another cult or conspiracy group, but spend the next 10 years studying. And no, by studying, I don't mean reading materials the flat earth groups are offering, and then saying you have learned a lot about the subject. I mean, go to university, get a degree, get a second one, and no, law or pr doesn't count for this, get a degree in physics, astronautics, whatever else. The Earth is not flat. And it's not all a conspiracy to make a fool out of you. You are doing that right now all by yourself.

News about flat earth, Trump, climate change that doesn't exist, it sometimes just makes me want to cry. And then I read a "news story" about Kim Kardashian whose greatest asset is her bum. Why are we actually talking about her? Although, I do have to admit, even just mentioning her here myself, I might be contributing to the problem.

Happy Monday!

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