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What does a perfect woman look like?

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2017-09-19 10:01:56
Around a year ago, a plastic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva identified the world's most wanted female face, according to women, that is. The guy took the top requests of 1000 female patients and based on a data, created a photo.

So what does a perfect woman look according to women? Based on the requests he's had over the past ten years the world's most desirable face consist of the following:

- Forehead of Miley Cyrus
- Eyebrows of Jennifer Lopez
- Eyes of Keira Knightley
- Nose of Duchess of Cambridge
- Cheeks of Angelina Jolie
- Lips of Penelope Cruz
- Chin of Selena Gomez
- Jaw line of Cher
- And of course, skin of Reese Witherspoon

And that's all you need to put together a perfect woman for you, according to women.
 article about perfect woman looks like this

The picture looks good. But still, please, some people have some kind of problem with their looks, an extra foot growing out of their ears or something, and then plastic surgery has its place, but in general, be who you are. Just a better version of it. Without a plastic surgery. Please.

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