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A young woman in Saudi Arabia got the world talking

 article about A young woman in Saudi Arabia got the world talking
2017-07-18 06:31:41
And that's a good thing.

A video of a woman walking in skirt in Saudi Arabia outraged the men in the country, most of whom are now asking for the woman to be arrested.

While the couple of seconds long video might have become 'famous' because of the local outrage, after all, the local girl was walking on a street of Saudi Arabia wearing a short(ish) skirt and a cropped top, the fact that it did cause such an outrage is good in a sense. It's good because also the world media took notice and while we might be aware of the inequality of men an women in the country, it's a reminder for all of us.

Saudi Arabia is not a country that lives in 21st century. It's not a country where everyone are equal.

Women in Saudi Arabia can't...

Drive a car
While it's not banned by law, it's prohibited by religious beliefs (from the Stone Age), many Saudi clerics say that female drivers "undermine social values". Don't they undermine social values themselves just by saying that?

Wear clothes that don't fit a strict interpretation of Islamic law
While the face does not necessarily need to be covered, the majority of the women wear abaya and a head scarf. And while the face doesn't necessarily need to be covered, it's still expected and the police can harass people for exposing too much flesh. The women also aren't allowed to use too much make-up (read - no make up allowed).

Interact with men
If you're not related to the man, you need to limit your time you spend talking to him. Unlawful mixing can lead to criminal charges.

Use public swimming pools
Women are only allowed to swim in private swimming pools or female-only spas and gyms.

Compete in sports
While Saudi Arabia did send its female athletes to the London Games, many clerics called the competitors "prostitutes".

Work or travel without a permission
Women in Saudi Arabia need to have a permission of a male guardian to work or travel.

When the Saudi men are outraged by the video, we should ALL be outraged by their outrage. It's 21st century. If you're worried that a women can do things better than you and take your job, you're a wussy. If you're afraid that you'll lose your woman to other men if they show off their beauty, you're obviously not man enough in the first place. If you think that women are not worth as much as you are and should not have equal rights to you, you should simply go back to the cave where you've been living in for your entire life.

Equal rights have nothing to do with religion. They have nothing to do with laws. They have everything to do with common sense. They have everything to do with respecting each other.

(yes, this is the "terrible" video causing the outrage)

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