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Trump's beautiful, great, wall, and a few facts

2017-01-28 02:14:45
Trump has promised to build a beatiful, great, impenetrable wall, for which he has promised Mexico will be paying. And lately he has been talking more about it again.

He has said the time and again that the wall will be tall and beautiful. But how tall and beautiful can the 1900 long wall be? Or actually it won't be that long, the wall might cover just 1000 miles and natural obstacles take care of other parts. Currently there are fences and other structures on 670 miles of the border,, but wall is a lot more powerful than a fence according to The Trump..

A structural engineer Ali F. Rhuzkan estimates that a 25-feet wall (of which 5 feet is under ground) would require around 340 million cubic feet of concrete. The Trump has said though, that the wall will range between 30 feet and 55 feet high.

According to The Trump, the cost of the wall will be small, he would build it "very inexpensively," for around $12 billion maximum. However, even the current fencing on has cost the government roughly $7 billion. As such the cost of the wall might be more than $25 billion.

Mexico will be paying for the wall, of course, or are they?.

But let's say the wall gets built, the wall, great wall, gets paid for somehow, maybe Trump will want to finance half of it himself for the $10 billion in the bank that he allgedly has. That might definitely be a good idea. But the project is problematic also environmentally, as the border area of United States and Mexico has animal and bird species who use the area for migration between north and south. That's probably not a huge concern for him though, he doesn't believe in animals and birds, according to our experts at The Cheers.

So let the wall be built. Or else!

Or actually, why should it be a wall on one boreder? Why couldn't he built a fort and a big-big, great-great wall all around the United States?

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