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Paris Suffering PTSD

 article about Love Will Not Be Denied
2015-12-17 02:27:44
We are facing a world crisis that will continue to grow as long as we deny the power of love. The lack of love breeds a ground for war. Where there is war, we find desperation. Each soul is born to bear love. No love means no life. The world is a cancerous monster right now denying love. There is no way we can move forward and have hope for the future for our children if we do not face this epidemic.

What has happened to Paris is a reality check for mankind to seek a better way to exist. God and Love are one and the same vibration. The lack of it in any individual soul is creating a future of extinction. We must ask ourselves why we have so much trust in the world's knowledge when it is contrary to love and togetherness. Our soldiers go to war, return home to a war they can not win because they would go to jail and to hell for defending themselves against selfish and greedy people. They walk on land filled with hatred and self-righteousness. There has to be individual change if we want hope in America.

Love is possible once people realize it is okay to love without loosing. You love by allowing God to sit in your heart. You deny the things of the world that keeps you uptight and selfish. For sure, Paris is experiencing PTSD just as we are here in America simply because sudden trauma has visited their land. Rape, murder, molestation, abuse, attack of any kind and natural disasters go on daily making our land a place of fear and desperation.

If we do not personally allow God to be the heart of our lives, love is denied resulting in a continued war zone. Today let go of the world and allowed God to restore your heart and if He does not need to restore your heart, allow God to increase your love flow for the sake of your fellowman. I am not asking you to be a fool, I am only asking you to be love and trust God to protect and guide you through this life time. LOVE WILL NOT BE DENIED.

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