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America Has Its Own War Zone

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2015-10-02 11:43:50
I woke up this morning thankful to be alive. God allowed me to come out of my sleep and have a new day! I turn on my television to quickly learn gunfire once again killed innocent people. An innocent child at home with her family shot in the chest. Innocent students murdered by bullets from the hands of a quiet gunman supposedly killing people because they were Christians. These people's families and friends are traumatized and shocked. They were not in Iraq or Afghanistan. They are right here in the United States of America.

Our soldiers risk their lives as they seek to learn whether the child, woman, old man etc. is the enemy. They have to make decisions nonstop and quickly to kill or be killed and hope the shot victims was the enemy. Their decision to kill is because they are in a war zone. They are fighting a war. They have witnessed endless casualties of their comrades being shot and blown up time and time again but they keep it moving because it is not an option. Eventually, they get a chance to take a shower and lay down to rest. The body is lying down, but the mind, emotions and heart is still moving. They will never rest as they once rest before they experienced the realities trauma.

Those innocent students who did survive dodging bullets on that Oregon Community School campus will never return to the rest experienced before witnessing a threat on their lives. And, those who did take a bullet and survived will also join our soldiers in not having the same rest prior to this trauma. What we have here is domino effect because now anyone who have students attending that school are frozen in time and their lives are standing still as they wait to see if their loved is still alive. Not because enemies from another country or aliens from another world has invaded our country but because someone who looks like an ordinary American young man decided it was time to kill.

Though I do not live in Oregon where innocent students were traumatized and murdered nor do I live in Cleveland, Ohio where an innocent six month old baby girl was killed by a drive by shooting where a bullet went into her chest, I feel the aftermath of these traumas. In the United States of America, we have our own war zones causing people to live in paranoid and fearful states of mind. Today is just one of many days where American people have been killing American people.

Our priorities as a collective are catching up with us every day. Home as we once knew it is not home anymore. Not every family has lost touch with the much needed love and care each person in a family needs to be respectful and decent people in society; but there are many family foundations out of touch with this responsibility. We live in a society starving for love and self-acceptance. People think we can get away without implementing a nurtured and just society.

No one wants to hear what the world needs now is love sweet love but they must understand a loveless and immoral society is the creation of a war zone. More and more each day our society's structure is creating a world of detachment where the value of human life is decreasing based on prejudices, hatred, fear and greed. As long as our priorities are to chase the mighty dollar and suppress the lives of people we feel are less than us, we will be subjected to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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