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The New Smoking Lifestyle: The E-Cigarettes

 article about The New Smoking Lifestyle: The E-Cigarettes
2013-07-28 13:55:12
No one will argue about the negative effects of smoking; yet, more people are lured into smoking. Thus, instead of forcing the smoker to quit, industries are changing the way people smoke. This is like saying, if you can't beat them, join them, but in a good and seemingly healthy way. The new fad gaining popularity among smokers as the alternative form of smoking is the electronic cigarette or disposable e-cig.

The Concept of Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes works like an inhaler but the physical design of which looks like your regular cigarette. Designing it this way has its tricky effect; although it looks like a cigarette, but the components and its concomitant ingredients are not like your traditional cigarette.

Disassembling the E-cig Components
Your regular e-cig is composed of cartridge, atomizer, cartomizer, battery, liquid and kits. The cartridge component can be made of plastic, glass or metal container; it serves as both the liquid reservoir and the mouthpiece. The atomizer on the other hand is the heating mechanism of the e-cig which heats the liquid; over time, the atomizer loses efficiency because of sediment build-up. Another component of the e-cig is the cartomizer, which describes the combination of the atomizer and the cartridge in the same unit. The battery is another important component of e-cigs. Most e-cigs have lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The liquid component of the e-cig is the e-juice of this device.

The Health Issues Poised Against/For E-cigs
There are debates about the benefits of disposable e-cigs. Some studies claim that e-cigs contain ingredients that are toxic to the smoker's health. Those against e-cigs claim that even if e-cigs may not cause cancer compared to the traditional cigarette, that doesn't categorize them as safe. Since this piece of device still uses nicotine, e-cigs can still damage your health.

Some medical studies claim that e-cigs have negative effects on people suffering from coronary artery disease; this is attributed to the alleged fact that using e-cig lowers blood oxygen levels even after 10 minutes of smoking. Perhaps the most popular antithesis to the claimed beneficial effects of e-cig is the findings released by the US Food and Drug Administration back in 2009. The study claimed that some e-cig manufacturers use poisonous substances like Diethylene glycol and hygroscopic liquid which are known cancer causing agents and is detected in some popular brands of e-cigs. Regardless of the negative claims, more people are still using it.

On the positive side, some studies also claim that short term trials for e-cig users have significantly improved their cardiac performance compared to smokers using cigarettes with tobacco content. Some users claim that through constant use of e-cig, their cravings for tobacco and nicotine based cigarettes have drastically reduced. Generally, the use of e-cig has significantly lessened the problems caused by tobacco based cigarettes.

End Note
Regardless of whether e-cigs are healthy or not, it is still best to consult your physician about these things; or better yet, quit smoking.

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