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Do you believe in ghosts?

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2012-10-23 06:26:46
I'm fully aware that many of you, as a first thing, will just start by answering that they don't. But how can you be sure? In January this year, OccultBlogger came out with an article, an article titled "Can Science Prove the Existence of Ghosts?" So what are their main points there?

Well, the main point is that science can't prove they exist, neither can it prove they don't exist. But here are some of the facts they have brought out:

  • One in five people claim to have experienced something paranormal. Whether ghosts or anything else paranormal related.
  • There's a lot of aspects of life that we take for granted, but that haven't really been proven by science, yet.
  • 90% of "paranormal investigators" don't make any money from their research.

I personally have not experienced any "ghost visions." However, I do know first-hand stories where people have. Are they right? I really can't know, but it's a fact that they themselves are sure of what they saw.

However, many homeowners who have gotten a feeling that they are living in a haunted house, are definitely wrong. And that's yet another fact. The truth is that when we are talking not about potentially paranormal occurrences you have seen with your own eyes, but rather about different weird noises you have heard, the truth might lie in somewhere totally different. The truth might lie in the most common plumbing noises. And these noises can be fixed with a help from Roto-rooter.

Roto-Rooter is a largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services in North America, offering their services also in more than 111 company-owned territories as well as over 500 independent franchise territories.

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