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My Generation: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition?

 article about My Generation: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition?
2012-02-15 05:45:14
My Generation, born between 1977 and 1997 has many different names: to make it easy, I will call my generation the Millennial-Echo-Boomers. We are the Boomer's baby boom. We are the youngest and largest generation, yet. The old-school boomer's perception of us is, in my opinion, based on pop-culture, and the presentation of us in the media.

Marc L. Lynch conceptualizes this generation best, "[T]he echo boom (those born from 1977 to 1997), is 80 million people strong, the largest generation ever. Well informed and media-savvy, echo boomers display a strong work ethic and have grown up understanding the new digital economy" (p. 1, 2000). Yes, we are definitely "media savvy" and have a better understanding of the digital age than the older Pseudo-Puritanical Boomers.

The Millennial-Echo-Boomers are a generation that was raised to be tolerant of other peoples beliefs; to be tolerant of other races, and of course orientation. This is a generation raised on Hillary's "It Takes a Village" philosophy -- we were not only taught values by our parents, but also taught values through our liberal education -- and let's not for get -- Sesames Street.

We all know Bert and Ernie are homos: no male roommates live together that long unless they're going through the back-door. It's just a covert message saying "they're gay, and it's okay."

Not only were we raised to be tolerant, but we were also taught that there are no losers; we all got a trophy -- it didn't matter if we sucked, or our team sucked, we still received that trophy. This generation has had everything they dreamed of provided for them; our parents were successful and bought us what we wanted, and our teachers always praised us.

Because of the "every-one-wins" indoctrination -- we have developed a high self-esteem, and, let's not forget, our highly egotistical, narcissistic, entitled attitudes. We believe we deserve and should have everything -- this includes an education, a good job, and, most of all, success.

My generation in media and popular culture has been characterized as a mass of narcissistic, self-indulgent, highly-inflated-self-esteem-ridden, egotistical-spoiled-brats: if this is the case, then our parent's, the Boomers, and our children's future is F.U.B.A.R (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition).: this indicates the Millennial-Echo-Boomer generation have a severe anti-social personality disorder.

We're all Sociopaths: we don't have empathy.

Don't underestimate this generations flaws -- as we are highly motivated and intelligent. We are techno-savvy: we understand the digital age -- it's almost an extension of our mind. The Millennial-Echo-Boomer is a digital power house. We surf the net on our smart-phones, watch and read the news through digital media on our phones, and listen to music on our iPods.

Don't forget Napster.

We communicate instantly through a text message or social networking site -- email is a little passe for us.

Facebook is king: too bad it's not just for college students anymore.

The marriage to our smart-phones, iPads, android tablet's and laptops, and of course the net have become a part of our daily lives -- we need them to function. The Digital Age is now a part of mankind, the human psyche. The Digital age is a part of mankind, the human psyche for this Generation. It is a part of our conscious and subconscious mind. Our technological devices, like my Motorola Droid, are attached to us like vital organs, or a limb.

However, don't underestimate us -- this is what makes us marketable. We are constantly learning and willing to try new things. This is our best quality.

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