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Our proud and precious life as animals

 article about Our proud and precious life as animals
2009-12-14 07:49:57
The human race is the god for all other creatures. Humans are the beginning and the end of everything that goes on in this world. We can make ships that float on water and planes that fly in the air. We can even use the black earth to grow everything we can possibly think of! We are almighty and all other creatures must bow down to us!

Why is that? Because in reality, we are at best the upper-class of animals. The upper-class of predators. We are the cold blooded killers among all other predators. Am I being judgemental? No, because I am not saying we are not supposed to kill animals, but I am just telling you that there is nothing that separates us from animals. Get it?! Even the bloody ants have a higher social network than the humans do.

We, humans we, animals do nothing but quarrel and fight with each other. Physically, mentally always some competition for everything. We are blood thirsty bastards. Also, we like to have intercourse whenever possible, no different from the 'so-called' lower classes of animals.

In what way are we smarter than the gorillas? That we have to destroy everything to make ourselves a living place and they don't? Bloody hell, those monkeys are smarter than us! Or because we have to chop down every tree in the world to make rice and wheat fields for ourselves and they do not? Fu*k, we are morons. Oh, oh, I got one! We have to contaminate the air with every possible method there is available! Ooh, darn, they do not do that either. Can I have a gun?

Do you know what is even worse? That the people who rule over us, are usually the most blood thirsty suckers you will ever find. Yet, in the world of other animals the head of the herd is somebody who actually protects them! To conclude... ha ha. Humans are animals. And not the upper-class animals but the lowest of cockroaches you will ever find.

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Our proud and precious life as animals

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Our proud and precious life as animals

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Our proud and precious life as animals

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Our proud and precious life as animals

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Our proud and precious life as animals

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