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Sarah Palin - the chick I used to date

 article about sarah palin
2009-11-23 05:18:50
Sarah Palin. She looks like a chick I dated in college who might have been on an equal personality level: they both were/are good looking, vain and transparent: with or without make-up.

They both had/have high ideals and could be rude with a smile before you even knew it, like zipping an intimidation over your head while you were asking, "What did you say?" After the first bombshell was launched she was already on to the next one!

First off, what really bothers me about ex-governor Palin (she was the first female and the youngest to win the governor's seat), was her ability to 'pass the buck' onto someone else for her very own misgivings, such as the 'high-fashion debate clothes.'

When it was first made public, she related that her glamorous wardrobe was being furnished by the campaign, because 'they' felt that she should look her absolute best. The 'campaign,' after the election, stated that SHE had demanded such a wardrobe, and since she did not have the money to buy those movie star dresses herself; they would just have to find a way to pay for it all.

Oh yes, and that wardrobe cost to the tune of 'hundreds of thousands of dollars,' with the exact amount still undisclosed.

Funny how she stepped down from being the Alaskan governor AFTER she and Senator McCain lost the election. Where I come from, we call that, 'a sore loser.'

Mrs. Palin had not even completed a full term as governor at that! Man, now there is a 'quitter' for you!

So she resigns in less than one term of office, writes a book and makes the talk show circuit, or 'circus,' as I like to call such TV shows.

Now why do I think she has done all of this? It is really quite simple: just like that chick I dated in college: they both will go to any lengths to stay popular, or, in Mrs. Palin's case; to keep herself in the public's eye.

Mrs. Palin says she is not going to run for any public office in the future (or so she says). She has her book to hawk for as long as that will last, and then she will dream up something new, like saving the whales, Grizzly bears or, how to give away a campaign wardrobe without really trying, which could be another book entitled, "Giving away costly things to charity to save your own hide, for idiots."

Need I say more?

Oops. She's on the TV news now talking about her book. I have to go catch that number.

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