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What does an atheist do once he has lost faith in himself?

 article about What does an atheist do once he has lost faith in himself?
Even though I could be considered an atheist or agnostic, every once in a while talking about religion like it was some sort of a mental illness, I do believe faith is important in our lives, independent of whether you believe in god or anyone else. Simply the blind faith that causes wars, intolerance, the faith that says you are right and I am not, the faith that makes some people morons, that's the faith I do not get.

You can believe in god, but don't say you know for a fact god exists. Don't say others have to believe he exists. Don't say you believe because otherwise you'd burn in hell. Don't believe because your parents believe. Don't say the book is all true. Be tolerant towards what others believe in, and keep in mind that what You believe in, is exactly that - what You believe in.

Faith in itself is a good thing. It helps You get by in life. Independent of what you believe in, as long as you are tolerant towards others beliefs.

My question today is - what does an atheist do once he has lost faith in himself?

While religious people have god in their lives, and that's the type of faith that is not so easy to lose, atheists usually have just one main thing they believe in. They believe in themselves. They believe they can achieve things in life, they believe they can be successful, they believe they can find a happy life, they believe in their own power to keep them here.

Of course, we can't do it all alone, there are these seeming co-incidences, there are other people out there to help us, there are...well you get the point. And I know what some of you might want to say now - about these possible co-incidences - if you're a believer of god, you might say there are no such things. I'm actually with you so far - but why the co-incidences occur, that's where we're on different pages. You say god made them happen, I say we did. It's all about cause and result. As a man who only believes in himself, you make it happen, maybe unknowingly, but you do. You make connections, you talk to people, you interact, you smile, you do things - and these co-incidences are often just a result of your doings.

There's a book out there, The Luck factor. This explains the same idea in a rather easy manner. The main point - most of the things that happen to you in life have some pretty simple logic behind them.

So again, what does an atheist do once he has lost faith in himself? Considering faith in himself is the only thing the atheist has to get by in life there really are not that many options out there. Everyone must believe in something - if you don't believe in anything, you're screwed.

Becoming a religious person and start believing in god is usually not an option for an atheist. So the only possibility is to find faith in yourself again. Easier said than done, without a question. What made you lose faith in yourself in the first place? An no, it doesn't happen in a moment, you lose your faith over time. And at some point you're at the position things can't really get any worse.

You must find the reasons that brought you to this moment - obviously the result is lost of faith in yourself, unhappy life, money problems, whatever else. But what were the causes? Or what was the cause of it all? Once you figure that out, you're on your way out of the recycled bin again.

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