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Russia facing civil war?

 article about russia war
2009-09-30 02:49:20
The situation in Russia might be going in a bloody direction in the near future. As the time to the next presidential elections comes closer and closer, the strife between the two masterminds of Russia might rise dangerously high. I am, of course, talking about the current President Dmitri Medvedev and the former (it is true) president Vladimir Putin. It always seemed that, whatever his position, Putin was in charge, but as time progressed, Medvedev started to gain more ground on his opposite number.

Why is that? Putin has openly declared that he wants to regain his position as the countrys top man, but Medvedev must have different ideas. I cannot see them working together forever, and, knowing the history of the belligerent country, peace between the two cannot last forever. The question remains, which of them will find the sufficient support to become president, but in my opinion, the eventual winner will be the evergreen Putin, who just has more ruthlessness in him. Medvedev might turn out to be a worthy opponent but I just can' t see him beating his ex-ally.

Things might go terribly wrong when one of the men chooses to use military forces in order to gain power. That will ignite a certain civil war, in which, the entire country will suffer from. The large country, which has, in reality, never enjoyed a healthy state of politics and economics, it just may turn out to be terminal. And now, just as the situation seems to be moving forward, two power-thirsty men might just ruin it with their eye-for-eye attitude.

And the question remains, if a civil war broke out in Russia, how would that affect the neighboring countries. And more importantly, how would the entire world cope, if a fifth of its territory is in war. The current economic situation would surely guide a bunch of other countries towards revolutions, if a world super-power had a civil war. And who knows where that might lead to? A Third world war?

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