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2008-02-18 05:41:38

After the huge Tuesday extravaganza for our presidential candidates, I was left with a question.  Why does America really want a woman president?  Being that I personally do not prefer a woman president, I had to wonder why anyone in the world would want one.  The first thought that came to my mind was very simple.  The American people do not practice choosing best for all only a select few.  It has always been that way and it will continue to be so as we witness the determination to keep woman over man.

Of course, I am not against women, in fact I am a woman and I know our tendencies and potentials.  We bring life, build, destroy and kill life as well.  We are the gender that has been oppressed ever since the beginning of time.  Though many do not relate it to Eve in the Garden of Eden when the fall took place, it appears subconsciously to man at times that we deserve to be less than they are.  Why else would we be abused, neglected, underpaid, and at times unrecognized by our male species?

Regardless of the reasons justifying oppressing women in the past and today, we still are not to become like them.  A man is a man and woman is a woman.  True, we have had to fight to get everything we have today including so called equal rights.  The Woman's Liberation Movement had to come to past because women were basically treated in many cases as less than human.  Domestic violence was a key way of life for many of us, no jobs, no freedom to learn and explore life, etc. many reasons to burn the bra as they symbolized freedom back then.  But, all that we have become has practically erased our nature that God gave us which includes love, nurturing, spirituality, gentleness, thoughtfulness, purity, hope and life- giving and all the other female attributes.

Power for us is very much like a man.  We must stand strong, be tough, fight for what is rightfully ours.  We must outthink men and at times out strength them physically because we do not need them anymore financially.  Because we do not have to need them, we have created a conscious like theirs where our priorities do not concern all just a select few.  This price is poverty of love, nurturing and a foundation for our children's future.  Watching a woman compete in a man's world is not all that great to observe the chiseling of her smooth curvatures of her face and countenance as she appears to be biting a bullet does not make a child feel loved or safe in fact it makes them too want to fight and conquer and have power over another.  Humbleness is a sign of weakness for a child seeking understanding.

So it is obvious the purpose of a woman possibly becoming a president is to continue having a world of corruption and no foundation for love.  We know it is not about solving world problems.  And it is not about doing what is best for all.  Women are going for a president to prove a point and that is we can do things better than men can.  And, we need help continuing our need to play the game of power and control.  It has nothing to do with best for all.  Sadly for me, most of all it has nothing to do with the Will of God for the family foundation and His Will for mankind.  The Eve spirit is still prevalent today. 

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