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 article about WHY ARE WE IN IRAQ?
2007-11-15 04:23:12

I am not the greatest source for political information but I do love words.  Now when I want to understand a word I will look it up in the dictionary.  I figured if I am going to understand why we want Iraq to be just like us, America, I need to know just what that means.  Especially since it requires human sacrifices to bring it about.

Looking up democracy, I found several sources defining democracy and each had one common theme which I found to be interesting.  Democracy's bottom line was summed up in these words:  "ruled by the people." I was confused.  Where am I?  I am not in the Land of Ruled by the People?  Instead, I am in America, a country ruled by the few, rich and greedy people who rule over us and take from its people whatever it wants and when it wants. 

So, now that I am balanced again I am still faced with "Why are we in Iraq?  We are there to establish a democracy for the people to be free?  What is wrong with this picture? I am reminded of an Iraqi elderly woman crying and sharing these words.  Before the invasion of America, we were a country ruled by one man secured but not free.  Now, we are not secured or free.  They contended with one demon but now there are many.  By the time it is all said and done, we will have to face the fact; we in fact gave Iraq exactly what we have.  The only difference is we are in denial of what that means.

Who would admit we are a country unstable in its efforts to create an environment of justice and equality?  Who would admit we live in terror daily as many people are murdered and victimized by the hands of other humans?  And who would admit, we lack the ability to create a safe world for our children?  Before we attempt to remove the speck from someone else's eye, we need to remove the beams in our own eyes. 

Now, tell me again, why are we in Iraq?


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Sometimes I get just a little confused. Tell me again, why are we in Iraq? We are there to establish Democracy so that the country can be just like us? Right?

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