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2007-11-06 04:58:05

We are all concerned about the future.  It is not because of inferiority or superiority of various races the world has become an overly desperate place to live.  It is in this cancerous state due to greedy, egotistic, selfish and loveless people taking God's world and destroying it. 


The racist is the undeveloped soul of the human race.   Obviously this defect is wrecking havoc in their hearts and minds.  This is why they seek to kill and destroy anyone different than he or she is.  They are miserable with their own identity.  What is this identity?


First of all, a racist is afraid of the future.  They are afraid that too many people in the world will take from them opportunities to have plenty of stuff and prestige.  Their need to kill, destroy, hate and inflict pain on a complete stranger reveals they have a death presence within them demanding a fix or suffer the consequences of not acting upon these unnatural inner demands.  Yes, they are addicts to a dark force that has taken their natural ability to bond, grow and love the human race.  You see, fear is a paralyzing state of mind making it impossible to be logical when it is invoked out of a need to be superior over others.


Like a drug addict, a racist's mind and heart is obsessed with fulfilling their need to be superior at any cost.  In some cases they would even die for it.  The painful pricking that is inflicted within as they go through withdrawal is unbearable when they have not thought or felt a confirming sign of superiority. Some go out and kill to relieve this rage within.  They become beasts among humans seeking to devour the truth that we are all human beings with a right to live.


The need to be superior is a sure sign of madness because the need serves no constructive purpose.  To entertain in your mind whether you are superior and others are inferior reveals you are inferior because the obsession causes you to do barbaric things to prove you are right.  Even your actions reveal desperation like animals forced into a corner and must fight their way out from their attacker.


Racist, you should not have to prove anything to anybody if are happy and free with who you are.  You can only give the world what you have.  Don't you see, you are revealing your soul?  Look at it.  When you lay your body down, your energy is all you will take with you into eternity.  That hatred you embrace will complete consumption.  You will burn. And eventually grow horns and go home and join the Beasts of Beasts.


While judging the various races in the world, be honest and tell me what each race has contributed to the state our world is in today.  I am talking about the good, bad, beauty, ugly etc. 


I pray you come to life before you die.  There is so much more to experience as a human being than being a catalyst for damnation.  What is the matter?  You need to be loved don't you?

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