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Silence the Moment

 article about Silence the Moment
2007-10-15 05:42:08

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Hello there. So I guess the government of Illinois, during their overtime session, which has been taking place for like forever, thought of something they felt was important. No they didn't decided to cut sales tax. No they didn't vote to fix any roads. They voted for something much more important.

A moment of silence for elementary schools.

You know; our public school system already sucks. Teachers don't challenge students enough and instead of showing the difference between right and wrong, they tell them "everything is going to be OK." A part of the hypocrisy of the feel good society known as the United States of America. A moment of silence. For what? For how long? Why?

I guess this is another way to help the student body conform and be molded by the machine. I have always said that an institution that makes you say the pledge, raise your hand to speak, and requires you to take a coffee can lid to go to the bathroom raises serious concerns. However, this moment of silence bullshit takes the cake.

The legislature is saying this is a peaceful way to begin the day. It's a way to reflect. I'm sorry, our children don't need to reflect in the beginning of the day, they need to learn something. Our tax dollars don't pay so our kids can reflect. They can join the reflection club or meditation club after school. They have a period of eight hours where reflection is not allowed. Except for lunch, but I'm sure our children would rather eat or socialize then be silent.

And what are they supposed to be silent for? The fact that our school system smells like rotten sewage or state government stinking up the air with their bullshit? Think of all the budget problems and the other challenges that they have to face, and they come up with this. What's up with government in general? Calling assembly to order due to denounce Rush Limbaugh and Move What is the government doing here? Masking their incompetence through ridiculous measures such as this?

Bottom line, it will take more than a moment of silence to avert school shootings. What needs to happen is the teachers of the schools need to be taken to task for their lack of awareness of their students? The fact that students don't get a good education and that the teachers don't know which students can be flight risks.

It's time for the parents to hold teachers accountable since the government won't help with our problems, whether we pay taxes or not.


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