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The Anna Nicole Show

 article about  Anna Nicole Smith
2007-02-12 05:57:37

This article belongs to Jae Journal column.

I want to get this out of the way as quickly as possible because this damn ho don't need any more publicity over her death.


Anna Nicole Smith, former playmate, so called actress, gold digger, reality TV show star and constant pain in the ass was found dead on Thursday in the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida. It's ironic because Trimspa was planning on sending some lucky people there who were entering in their contests. As you may know, Anna Nicole was a spokesperson for Trimspa, a weight loss supplement.


My opinion of Anna Nicole whether alive or dead has not changed. She is a rotten human being who got with a man who was 5 times older than her for the fact he had lots of money. It's a shame this nitwit couldn't figure out a way to get the money from his children because she was so fucking stupid. She went to supreme court to create a ruckus over this issue, and has brought so much pain on the lives of the people in this family. Can you imagine having her as a step mom? I would rather find an orphanage somewhere in South Dakota where you have to swallow squirrel shit before being a stepson to that dirty birdie!


The jury is still out on which one of three men is the father of her child. Now here's a question that can very well never be answered. This kid is a suicide case if I ever heard one. Chances are the baby will grow up to be sixteen, smoke crack and die. If Anna Nicole was my mother, I would be the baby in her womb praying for an abortion. A life in a jar would be better than a life with her.


This woman constantly was fucked up and drunk during many of her public appearances, or should I say interferences. She was an embarrassment to anyone who was related to her. You know, I think her son committed suicide because he couldn't take the shame of having a mother who was an absolute dumb shit.


You want to say I'm mean bashing on a dead person. Go ahead. Any network that pays tribute to this worthless human being should be shut down. That is like paying tribute to Saddam Hussein and all his great acts of death and terror.


The bottom line with Anna Nicole Smith is that karma is a bitch, and paybacks are a whore. It is important you do well with your life and treat people with respect. Anna Nicole was not respectful to many people when she was alive. Maybe because she was an idiot or maybe she was a cold hearted calculating woman. After all, she did get herself married and in bed with a senior citizen just to get at his estate, and brought the case to supreme court. This is not being a nice person, and this is not living in wellness. Good riddance to this woman, and I hope not to see you in the afterlife.




PS, I don't wish death on people. I feel bad I wrote this, but I am just sick of all the shows paying homage to her. Thank you.


PSS  By the way, I am very excited to be working with the Cheers again.  This is a big deal to me and I am so happy!!!  I know this article is a little dark, but consider me the dark horse in the pasture!  Thanks for reading!



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