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Cigarette beings

 article about Cigarette beings
2006-03-01 06:05:55

you ever really watched a cigarette lover inhale cigarette smoke? Have
you noticed the instant satisfaction experienced? The cigarette is led
to the lips with an opening of the mouth to literally suck the smoke
out of the tobacco. Once it has passed the throat, the smoke travels
into the chest cavity and fills it up. In the meantime, the smoker is
mesmerized by the process and somewhat sedated.

Right there before your eyes they share a serious intimate moment with
anyone and everyone around whether people want to experience it with
them or not. The intimacy that is publicly shared is almost orgasmic as
they exhale the remains of the smoke that didn't stay in their bodies.

smoker does not realize what he or she is telling people. They are
telling people this thing in my hand brings me euphoric ecstasy and I
don't care who likes it. Then when you get more smokers together they
seem to have a special bond as they get off on the smoke becoming one
with their bodies. It is not a health issue and it never will be until
it can't be done anymore. So what is actually happening here? People
who fall in love with cigarettes find fulfillment in them like a baby
who wants a pacifier. They simply find something that centers their
minds and bodies while they are surviving in a world of complexity that
sometimes gets out of control. Unlike sucking on a pacifier, smoking
invades the space of others. Smokers do not consider that fact because
they are not evaluating the experience.

are just doing what is normal to them without any thought. How did that
cigarette become a part of your being? It was not there when you were
born. Do you realize you have psychologically added another source of
energy to your life energy? You are now a cigarette-being because there
is no life in a cigarette without you. That's how powerful you are. You
have the will to alter who you are from birth. They say some people who
smoke live longer because they are more relaxed than some people who do
not smoke. In all honesty, it is a source of life and death just like a
thought. What is your pacifier?

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