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Euro Club International takes pimping to the next level

 article about Euro Club International takes pimping to the next level
2005-10-29 08:42:49

Today I got an email from an
organization called Euro Club International. They wanted to "
fulfil my fantasies with more than
50 of the hottest girls from around the world, discreetly and affordably

Not much can be found about this
venture from the expanse of internet, but their website is crystal clear to me
– they offer bordello services for ‘gentlemen'. That's not what they are
saying, but if you read between the lines, then that's exactly what they are
offering, at least that's what it looks like to me.

"Imagine a Palace tucked away in
the heart of Frankfurt, Germany, where at anytime you may find 30-80 of the
most beautiful women from across the globe, waiting to serve your every want
and desire


The idea of this Gentlemen's
club is definitely intriguing – getaway from your usual life and lots of women
in a palace in the centre of Frankfurt. The best part of it is that for $200
you can even order an Alibi kit (should you need one). By ordering this
feature from their list of services they make sure you will maintain the
highest level of privacy. This kit includes:

· Global Phone
with a U.S. phone number

· Number/ID Block
for all calls to the USA

· Paperless trail
for payment arrangements

· Access to our
online receipt generator

· Use of Alias for
all membership/trip details

· Correspondence
by a private online account only

· U.S. originated
money transfers while in Frankfurt

The usual tour length of their
members is 2-3 days. And the maximum price I managed to get to (if I would
order all the possible services), would be just a bit over $10000 dollars.
Their pre-made packages cost a bit less though -
$1250/day - $3250/day but there's 3 day
minimum requirement for 3 of their packages.

It really is an
interesting ‘club' and their offer really is tempting. But only as long as I
don't actually start to think about the cost of their services as well as the
main idea behind it.

It looks like the
price for one gal for 30 minutes is $250 – you'll find that price when you only
check the box for "
1 Extra Appointment" in their Custom
Services menu.

What is Private

According to their website they have 30-80 VERY FRIENDLY
and UNBELIEVABLY beautiful women in the club surrounding you all the time. And
when you meet a gal that you are really interested in, you will just tell her
that you'd like to have a private appointment with her (make sure though that
you have paid for it first). And once you're behind closed doors, the gal will
do ANYTHING to satisfy all your needs (within 30 minutes that is). And like
they say on their website – "Each appointment will last until you have
reached your appointment climax or 30 minutes. (Whichever comes first).
Appointments may also be done in the view of the club if you wish. Our TV room
is a particularly common area for members who like an audience to spend their
appointment time.".

Looks like a great club to me, could anyone send me a
donation of $10 000 so that I could pay them a visit?

Apparently, most of their
visitors are from Asian countries and Canada…where are you from? None of them?
Then stop reading now! Otherwise, check
- it's really fun to read.

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