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The Truth Will Set You Free: Hurricane Katrina

 article about The Truth Will Set You Free: Hurricane Katrina
2005-10-17 02:39:11

About the new columnist: Linda Wattley was born in Akron, Ohio.   Upon graduating from Akron South High School she joined the United States Army met and married her husband Robert D. Wattley Jr. Together they bore two sons, Robert III and Marcus. Six years later, she became widowed. As a single parent she took on the responsibility, making it her priority in life.   Currently Wattley is the author of Daddy's Girl the first of a trilogy. This is a very unique series unfolding the early stages of development of the human mind from childhood thru adulthood in an environment dealing with sexual abuse. Through this series the characters reveal a philosophy that assists the healing process of all forms of abuse.   This philosophy is Mixed Signal Syndrome which is also a future handbook presenting an alternative to spiritual renewal and spiritual enlightenment. Wattley is a firm believer - the truth will set you free and he that is free is free indeed.

You can look forward to her writing about spiritual truths and everyday life experiences ranging from current events to love, sex, relationships and religious views pertaining to scriptures.

Hurricane Katrina - The message to the World

As the winds gusted through Louisiana, our country viewed the tragedy
from their television screens. Everybody had his or her own understanding of this historical event. Listening to people who were not near the scene but had answers to why it had to happen, I couldn't help but notice some of the Christian perspectives the most.

Several had a hidden sigh of relief as though he or she needed evidence of being right about the end times for the world.   It was as though disastrous situations such as wars, hurricanes, earth quakes etc. propelled their egos and made them more determined to judge those who did not receive their religious concepts. They seem to be praying for more and more evidence not knowing their energy fields of thought is provoking disaster.   Fear instead of love is their drawing force to get people to know their God.   When an individual doesn't bow down to their perspectives, they rather damn them than to love them.   
I've been in this world long enough to know every generation suffers
some form of calamity. There were times we didn't know what was going on in distant states or far off countries because we didn't have modern conveniences of reporting the news as it happens.   It appears as though the world is in a hopeless state more now than ever.   Yet, life continues to go on as always. If there is not anything new under the sun, what is the big deal here? Is the world coming to an end or is it the reality that each individual life is coming to an end?

Hurricane Katrina was a much deeper experience than any media or religious person has revealed. The truth is it revealed the soulful state of humanity as a whole and the souls of individuals.   There is nothing happening by chance.   Each action in life is energized with a thought. The powerful thought behind Hurricane Katrina is: Life is fleeting - a twinkling of an eye. First you are here then you are gone.   The world is still here.

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