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Mud-slinging or Issues?

 article about Mud-slinging or Issues?
2004-03-15 16:32:16

In the first election of the United States in the 21st century, we have started off like we ended the last century: This political season has already started with the negative ads. The election for the most powerful office in the world has now begun in earnest.

Mr. Kerry, although not nominated yet by his party, has started his bid for the White House. He has been on the campaign trail blasting the record of Mr. Bush. This is standardpolicy for a candidate against an incumbent. The incumbent usually comes out with his rebuttal showing his record for his term. But this election is different already. Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry have started this race out with attacks on each other.

This seems to be a growing trend in American politics for the last several years. Politicians at all levels of government have attacked their rivals, not on policy, but on a personal level. Now at the national level it is getting out of control, with Mr. Kerry calling republicans "criminals" and Mr. Bush telling an audience that Mr. Kerry is another "Ted Kennedy". Both of these men who are trying for the Presidency of the most powerful nation in history should have more positive things to say about their rival.

The election is 8 months away and we have these personal attacks by both parties starting. One mud-ball is slung and the other side must respond with their own mud-ball. Think back when you were kids and you had mud battles and tried to throw the biggest mud-ball at the other side. Has American politics reached that level?

If this is happening at this level of the government, just think what is happening at the other levels. In Pennsylvania, we are seeing ads from one of our senators who is running for re-election. These ads are very negative.

As we enter this political season the negative ads of our politicians are getting worse and worse. Maybe we should have them fight it out in a ring with boxing gloves and let the winner take it all. It is time that these ads do not impact the voters. It is time to get real issues back into theequation. And it is time to stop the mud-slinging and to have a real campaign based on these issues.

We need politicians at all levels to give us their views and policies and not how their opponent evaded the draft or changed his or her mind on a particular issue. Stop the negative ads and get real issues in front of the American people.

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