Britney Spears launch a new single feating Zedstar    2008-01-07 10:42:01    

The Pop-Queen is going through a hard time in his private life, but her musical career is returning to the top of the world.
The Pop-Queen is going through a hard time in his private life, but her musical career is returning to the top of the world.

After the great successes of "Gimme More" and "Piece of Me", yesterday was launched "Britney Spears feat. Zedstar - Break the ice".

The song "Break the ice" was already considered by many Britney's fans one of the best song of the last album (Blackout), so she has surprise his fans with the launch of a feating version with the new popstar Zedstar.

An inside source says that the song was downloaded more than 50000 times only yesterday.

The Zedstar Official Site ( reports the news in homepage, while the Britney Spears Site ( is still in construction for the great restyling. It will be ready next week.

Voices says that the launch of the song is been anticipated to remove the attention by last Britney's private life news.

A curiosity is that Zedstar was launched on the international music world an year ago with a duet with another great popstar, Rihanna, with a feating version of "Unfaithful¡±.

The song is been reviewed by some music crtics, who have compared it to a ¡°Pop-Opera¡± for his very polished arrangement. They have underlined the importance of the incredible number and of the great variety of the sounds that go with the song in the background. The males voices weave perfectly with the females choirs, while the sex-breaths are totally blended with the music, giving to the song an ¡°instinctive and emotional¡± style. They have also highlighted how the two voices perfectly merge each other: both Britney and Zedstar have a ¡°mid-high¡± based voice and a similar behaviour.



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