Bleed Electric are back with a new EP, and it's their masterpiece

By Jay Gory,    2012-09-26 02:54:56    

Absolute Punk - "Bleed Electric dips into several generations of influences to create a unique blend of euro electronic music and takes a unique look at modern hip-hop"
Absolute Punk - "Bleed Electric dips into several generations of influences to create a unique blend of euro electronic music and takes a unique look at modern hip-hop".

Bleed Electric are back with an absolute monster of an EP, and they’re not here to ask you to buy it or like anything or sign up to anything, just download the tunes and enjoy. The transatlantic trio have created an arsenal of explosive, fresh and tantalising electro-hip hop anthems, each as furiously addictive as the last. If you’re a fan of cutting edge, dynamic and compelling music that’s made with pristine precision and passion, then download This is my masterpiece. EP and enjoy.

Their EP is set for release on October 31st.

Chris ‘Mug5’ Maguire explains:
“This is my masterpiece. is a continuation of the last, and third Bleed Electric EP Let The Invasion Begin. Fully realizing the future fresh sound of Bleed Electric, This is my masterpiece. is our most masterful musical statement to date. From the way we approached the songs, their overall feel all the way up to the artwork, This is my masterpiece. showcases Bleed Electric at our most calculated and, in my opinion, our very best.

This is my masterpiece. is a great introduction to us as a band and the Bleed Electric sound and is eclectic enough to have a little bit of something for everyone. My hope is, that people will find out about Bleed Electric from this EP and then start working through our ever growing back catalogue of music. Technically, Let The Invasion Begin and This is my masterpiece. EP's were meant to be combined as our debut album which had a working title of Trinity but as I moved to New York City and with Silk and Siege still in Cardiff we felt that splitting it over two EP's would help get the previous Bleed Electric statement out of our system before we re-group in 2013 to work on what will be our real debut album.
Jay Gory, The Cheers News

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